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  • Do you use positive reinforcement?
    Yes! Positive reinforcement is critical to successfully training a dog. We like to find what motivates YOUR dog. Whether its food, toys, physical praise, verbal praise, etc. We train the dog in front of us.
  • How do your residencies work?
    A residency is where your dog stays with us and works one on one with our trainer for an extended period of time. We do not keep dogs over the weekend, so depending on how long your residency is they will go home every weekend. Dogs will stay with us Monday-Friday and go home Friday-Sunday.
  • If I sign up for training, do I have to use training equipment with my dog?
    Yes. We believe in a very clear training approach where the dog gets praised for the correct behavior and has a consequence for poor behavior. If you are not comfortable using training equipment, that's okay! A balanced approach to your dog may not be the best fit. There is lots of different trainer out there who all train differently. Find a method you're comfortable with and run with it! Please note: We do not use training equipment on puppies. This answer is with the assumption that the dog is 6 months or older.
  • Do you have age limits for the dogs you train?
    No age limits! We train puppies all the way up to adult dogs. Puppies can come for an evaluation starting at 8 weeks. Your puppy must have at least ONE round of vaccinations before they are allowed to visit our facility. We have no age limits when it comes to adult dogs, but we do not train senior dogs due to health concerns. Training will be dependent upon the physical condition of your dog.
  • Do you offer group classes?
    Yes! Group classes are offered to all of our clients that have completed training with us. There is an email list that is sent out with all of our event information to keep our clients informed. If your dog has not completed training with us, group classes will not be offered to you.
  • Do you use training equipment?
    Yes, we have a balanced training approach. We use training equipment that works best for the dog in front of us. Slip leads, slip chains, prong collars, and ecollars are all tools that we utilize.
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