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Molly is worth every penny and I can’t recommend her enough! We live in Colorado and did 3 virtual training sessions to address dog reactivity and anxiety. We’ve seen 3 trainers out here and didn’t have any luck (many had a too ‘alpha’ approach or other approaches that we didn’t feel provided proper structure for our dog). Molly provided so much information and guidance to help our girl, Scout. We went from avoiding neighborhood walks, crossing the street when other dogs were near, and taking walks in early or late hours of the day to avoid other pups, to now being able to walk through the neighborhood with only 6 feet between her and other pups we pass, while walking whenever we want & not reacting toward other dogs. We even had several relaxed and playful interactions with other dogs for the first time in over a year.

Molly also helped us understand how to work on Scout’s anxiety and fears. We also have been finally able to walk our dog without her pulling super hard on the leash - she doesn’t pull at all now😊

Wish we lived closer but highly recommend to anyone that is looking for a dog trainer in the Columbus area!

Pic of our girl on her first hike after a few sessions with Molly where she didn’t pull or react. Never thought we’d see the day but we have Molly to thank for all her tremendous help!

Alexa B.

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